US Hotel Occupancy Up 1.2% to 70.4% Week Ending August 17th – 2013

Smith Travel ResearchThe U.S. hotel industry reported positive results in the three key performance metrics during the week of 11-17 August 2013, according to data from STR.

In year-over-year comparisons, occupancy rose 1.2 percent to 70.4 percent, average daily rate increased 4.7 percent to US$111.69 and revenue per available room grew 5.9 percent to US$78.63.

Among the Top 25 Markets, Orlando, Florida, rose 9.8 percent in occupancy to 69.9 percent, reporting the largest increase in that metric. Nashville, Tennessee, followed with an 8.1-percent increase to 72.1 percent. Detroit, Michigan, ended the week with the largest occupancy decrease, falling 2.8 percent to 75.2 percent.

Five markets achieved double-digit ADR increases: San Francisco/San Mateo, California (+16.5 percent to US$201.19); Oahu Island, Hawaii (+14.9 percent to US$235.32); Anaheim-Santa Ana, California (+11.8 percent to US$144.68); Miami-Hialeah, Florida (+11.1 percent to US$145.47); and Seattle, Washington (+11.1 percent to US$146.71). Washington, D.C., fell 2.0 percent in ADR to US$122.37, reporting the largest decrease in that metric.

Six markets experienced RevPAR increases of at least 15 percent: San Francisco/San Mateo (+19.8 percent to US$187.24); Orlando (+18.7 percent to US$61.60); Houston, Texas (+16.7 percent to US$67.09); Nashville (+16.3 percent to US$76.46); Oahu Island (+15.4 percent to US$220.24); and Miami-Hialeah (+15.0 percent to US$113.10). Washington, D.C. (-4.4 percent to US$84.17), and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-New Jersey (-1.7 percent to US$78.11), posted the only RevPAR decreases.

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